Brian Pierce (captain_slinky) wrote,
Brian Pierce

138 - Jim Hensoning

I read a quote from Jim Henson a long time ago that I wish more people could have heard and understood, it really helps. I've forgotten the exact wording, but the sentiment is what stuck with me; When it comes to all the evils and politics in the world, the starving children in China, the wars, the environment... there's very little you can do. What you *can* do, though, is try to bring a bit of happiness to everyone you interact with and hope it spreads :)

So today I'm feeling like this clip from the 1987 Muppet Family Christmas:

They're all having their party out there, they're so happy about this... that's good, I like to see them happy :) But I'll tell you what, somebody needs to do something about these dishes...

C'mon, Sprocket :)
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