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Waiting for the coffee to kick in, making my list of goals that I need to accomplish before Oddmall on the 19th. I've got SEVEN DAYS till set-up on the night of the 18th! What do i hope to accomplish by then?
  • Make 90 new Christmas ornaments, at an average of about a dozen per day!
  • Do touch-up work on my 12 unsold lamps from previous shows!
  • Make at least 10 new lamps!
  • Find all my Clone Troopers and ship them to a guy for a trade I'm working on!
  • Order new Business Cards or, alternately, get some GOOD cardstock to print cards on!
  • Get/Print a new batch of Business Cards!
  • Get a bunch of little chalk boards and some chalk for lamp prices (learned from the guy in the booth next to me at that little craft show i did on Tuesday)!
  • Figure out the best FREE way to display all these ornaments!
  • Make a "Picture Frame Business Sign" for people to take pictures of my lamps and ornaments with so they have all my contact info right there in the pic!
  • Assemble my Table Display - Christmas table cloth, Power Strip, Extension Cord, Shelves, Records (to help stabilize the lamps), Small tree, Three Chairs... what else?
  • Assemble my Emergency Kit - Two Sharpies, Post-it Notes, masking tape, Super Glue, Multi Tool, Clamp, Lightbulbs, Gum, Deodorant, Phone Charger, Square Credit Card Reader).
  • Change - Fifty dollars in Fives, since all my prices are multiples of five.
  • Packing for ornaments - Lunch Bags and Tissue Paper.

Maybe more, might add later when I need a break. But the coffee is now kicking in, time to get making stuff!
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