Brian Pierce (captain_slinky) wrote,
Brian Pierce

143 - Catching Up 002: Oddmall!

Here's the setup for #oddmallpnw Holiday Show!

Empowered by the cartoons blasting away on my new computer, I was able to finish off TWENTY FOUR LAMPS and FIFTY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS for my booth at Oddmall this year. Christmas ornaments were a new thing, great little one-of-a-kind ornaments at a reasonable price for folks who love my stuff but don't have anyplace to put a whole LAMP. Check these out!
Just counted, FIFTY ornaments and twenty three lamps. Come and get them at #oddmallpnw

This was a two-day event, but by the end of day one I had already been reduced to just about *half* my inventory. HALF! Like, when you get into a show like this, you WANT to sell ALL your stuff, you HOPE you can sell maybe HALF of it, and you become ecstatic when you sell 10% of what you've got. I had already sold almost HALF!

We rushed home and I whipped up a new batch of ornaments, which all sold within the first hour or so of that second day. And my lamps CONTINUED to sell - TWELVE LAMPS! I was absolutely blown away by the sales I made!

But even MORE surprising was the amount of RETURN CUSTOMERS I had! People showing me pictures of their lamps in their homes, people showing pictures of people receiving gifts, people I now know IRL because of my lamps... it was NUTS! And I'm getting a reputation, too - I'm "The Gold Lamp Guy"! People *know* me! That's so cool!

Yep, I was feeling pretty darned awesome about life in general right then... I should have known something was coming...
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