Brian Pierce (captain_slinky) wrote,
Brian Pierce

144 - Catching Up 003: Frickin' Fibula!

The week had been an absolute blur - from sun up to sundown I was busy cranking out lamps and ornaments for oddmall, then we were at oddmall all weekend long selling stuff, then starting on Monday we had several bajillion things to handle before Thanksgiving!

Luckily, my sister-in-law had stopped by oddmall and since she has an awesome roaster SHE will be doing the turkey instead of me, so that's at least one thing off my plate ;)

But the schedule for the week was still booked solid, which was further complicated by Molly having half-days at school all week. But for Monday, all I really had on the docket was to go get the Dog her vaccinations so we could take her to the groomer before Thanksgiving.

But the vet forgot we had an appointment :(

So while we waited for the vet to show up I took the dog for a little walk, during which she decided to trip me and fracture my Fibula (part of my foot)!

Docotr's Offic, X-Rays, a giant Frankenstein boot to wear for the next several weeks and some crutches... ugh :(

And so that's why today is the first time since I received my new computer that I've actually had the time and ability to come over and actually *use* it!
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