Brian Pierce (captain_slinky) wrote,
Brian Pierce

Leaving for Dreamwidth

Packing up my bags and leaving Livejournal for Dreamwidth. Once all my older posts have been imported, this journal will be deleted. You can read all about why at this link, or just Google "Livejournal Russian Servers" for a good idea of what's going on.

The PROS of Dreamwidth are that it is a US based company, it doesn't make Privacy & Security settings go nuts, it doesn't trip off the Adblocker, there's no ads at all, it's free, and it has all the awesomeness of the old 2006 LiveJournal (which was back before things started getting weird).

The downsides, as far as I can see, are no cross-post functionality, no importing images from Instagram... and that's about it. I can deal with those drawbacks :)
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