Leaving for Dreamwidth

Packing up my bags and leaving Livejournal for Dreamwidth. Once all my older posts have been imported, this journal will be deleted. You can read all about why at this link, or just Google "Livejournal Russian Servers" for a good idea of what's going on.

The PROS of Dreamwidth are that it is a US based company, it doesn't make Privacy & Security settings go nuts, it doesn't trip off the Adblocker, there's no ads at all, it's free, and it has all the awesomeness of the old 2006 LiveJournal (which was back before things started getting weird).

The downsides, as far as I can see, are no cross-post functionality, no importing images from Instagram... and that's about it. I can deal with those drawbacks :)

147 - "Peace on Earth" & "Good Will To Men"

Back in 2010, an obsession started for me that gets stronger every December. It's about Cartoons. I am reposting it again because my circle of friends has expanded greatly in the past 6 years, maybe somebody new knows something I don't already know?


We're up late tonight, my daughter and I, watching vintage Christmas Cartoons from We've been having a great time just watching in chronological order. My favorite of the night was 1939's "Peace On Earth"...

... but then we hit the 1950's. And in 1955, just 16 years later, the exact same company made this cartoon called "Good Will To Men"...

Folks, it's almost the EXACT SAME CARTOON. It's beautiful how they mesh together so perfectly, too! The message and the story remain the same only the second one happens in the ruined Church that was just a bit of background in the first version. I... I'm completely blown away. I grew up with these cartoons and never made the connection till *just now*.

So now it's getting to me. Since i first posted this, I've spent HOURS Googling these two cartoons trying to find out the story behind the remake. The original was made by Harman-Ising for MGM; the second was made by Hannah-Barbera for MGM. Countless pages copy-n-paste the same description ("Remake of 1939 Peace On Earth") or they get the entire thing *wrong*.

What I've been able to piece together so far, these are the points i would like to either confirm or deny.

PEACE ON EARTH (1939) was nominated for a Nobel peace Prize according to several people involved in it's production, but there is no record of the nomination in the Nobel records. It was made during the time between WWI and WWII and was seen as a strong message for the world to stay out of WWII, with the two messages from "The Book Of Human Rules" being "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and "Ye Shall Rebuild The Old Wastes", inspiring the animals to rebuild a warless society using the battle helmets of Men as their homes.

GOODWILL TO MEN (1955) takes place in the bombed-out remains of a Church that are seen in the beginning of the 1939 "Peace On Earth". So far, the only reason I have seen quoted as being the reason behind this remake was so they could try out the new "Rotoscoping" process of animation. "The Book Of Human Rules" is now clearly labled and acknowledged as The Bible, and the two "Rules" quoted are "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself". This cartoon was nominated for an Academy Award.

UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Why the change from "Rebuild" to "Love"? Why the preachy use of The Bible instead of the understated knowing wink of "Book of Human Rules"? Why did they choose to remake this cartoon over any other, or why not just make a new cartoon to showcase Rotoscoping? Who made that decision; artistic, or suits? What World Events were happening in 1954/1955 that inspired the retelling of such an anti-war Christmas tale? Did Hannah and Barbera consult with Harman and Ising on this at all? Who wrote the original script? Are there other awards and honors that were bestowed on these two cartoons that I haven't been able to uncover via Google yet?


The next year, I had this much more information:


Jeff Lenburg, in 'The Great Cartoon Directors', writes:

Late in 1954, Bill (Hannah) and Joe (Barbera) got permission from Fred Quimby to produce a serious cartoon, one that would "leave audiences thinking," Barbera said. Good Will To Men, released in 1955, was a chilling story told by animals about the destruction of the human race by the H-bomb. "No pun intended," Bill says, "It was a real bomb." The cartoon was actually a remake of Hugh Harman's award-winning MGM film, Peace on Earth, which won several honors, including a Parents' Magazine medal. Hanna and Barbera's effort was animated almost scene for scene like Peace on Earth but the actual story was much different. Bill and Joe were hoping this Cinemascope cartoon would make a statement that would stick in everybody's minds. The film was effective, but not effective enough, says Hanna.

While not actually ANSWERING any of my questions, this DID give me new layers of questions that are easy to *speculatively* answer, but nothing factual.

The Parents' Magazine Medal they speak of could be the origin of the Nobel Peace Prize rumors? Sounds like the type of misheard/misreported information that could easily spread in the 1930's.

The best lead I have here, though, is that it was Bill and Joe's idea to make this cartoon. Not a "Suit". Nobody in Marketing came to the boys and said "What we need is an Oscar-Winner, but we want it *cheap*". Was it really HB who also decided to force-feed the simple revelations to the audience in the remake?

Since then, the only answers I have gotten have been "We'll probably never know, since pretty much everybody who was involved with those cartoons is now passed on". Still, I keep hope for new information every year :)

146 - Game

Last night, right between packing more sales from my Etsy store, cooking dinner, helping Molly with her homework and clearing off our table, was the first time I've had a chance to try playing an actual VIDEO GAME on my new computer. I had downloaded Steam on one of my previous Free Minute periods, and the game I had chosen was now ready.

The game I chose was called "ZMR - Zombies, Monsters, Robots".


Oh, it may not actually *be* the greatest game ever made, but it's the best one I've played in... whoa, *FOUR YEARS*. I absolutely adore simplistic FPS games, full of mindless killing and mayhem :)

In this game, I'm pretty sure there's no actual storyline. It's just making a generic burly soldier to go fight either Zombies, Monsters and/or Robots. Mindless fun, and I love it :)

145 - Thanksgiving Advice (As if You Asked For It)

My family, for the most part, knows not to talk about Religion or Politics at Thanksgiving. If either subject DOES come up in the same room as me, i feel it is my duty to deliberately and abruptly change the subject IMMEDIATELY, or else leave the room. As a result, I still love all my siblings :)

But for those of you who are dreading "The Talk" tomorrow, remember these things:

There is literally NOTHING you can say tomorrow that is going to change anyone's mind.

If anybody - INCLUDING *YOU* - starts a sentence with something along the lines of "I just want to know", that person doesn't REALLY want to know. That person wants you to say exactly what they know you're going to say, so they can "shoot you down" with the clever thing they heard on the radio or read online.

There is no such thing as a non-biased news source. Not FOX, Not MSNBC, not SNOPES, not any Fact Checking service, NOTHING. This is because it's all run by Human Beings, and Human Beings have biases.


Instead of building deep hatred for people you love, you could instead be playing a nice board game! Or watching a sporting event! Or sharing recipes, or talking about movies, or looking at funny animal videos, or... ANYTHING! LITERALLY ANYTHING is better than the tension, hatred and animosity that will come from talking about politics or religion!


So really, just... just *don't*, okay?

144 - Catching Up 003: Frickin' Fibula!

The week had been an absolute blur - from sun up to sundown I was busy cranking out lamps and ornaments for oddmall, then we were at oddmall all weekend long selling stuff, then starting on Monday we had several bajillion things to handle before Thanksgiving!

Luckily, my sister-in-law had stopped by oddmall and since she has an awesome roaster SHE will be doing the turkey instead of me, so that's at least one thing off my plate ;)

But the schedule for the week was still booked solid, which was further complicated by Molly having half-days at school all week. But for Monday, all I really had on the docket was to go get the Dog her vaccinations so we could take her to the groomer before Thanksgiving.

But the vet forgot we had an appointment :(

So while we waited for the vet to show up I took the dog for a little walk, during which she decided to trip me and fracture my Fibula (part of my foot)!

Docotr's Offic, X-Rays, a giant Frankenstein boot to wear for the next several weeks and some crutches... ugh :(

And so that's why today is the first time since I received my new computer that I've actually had the time and ability to come over and actually *use* it!

143 - Catching Up 002: Oddmall!

Here's the setup for #oddmallpnw Holiday Show!

Empowered by the cartoons blasting away on my new computer, I was able to finish off TWENTY FOUR LAMPS and FIFTY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS for my booth at Oddmall this year. Christmas ornaments were a new thing, great little one-of-a-kind ornaments at a reasonable price for folks who love my stuff but don't have anyplace to put a whole LAMP. Check these out!
Just counted, FIFTY ornaments and twenty three lamps. Come and get them at #oddmallpnw

This was a two-day event, but by the end of day one I had already been reduced to just about *half* my inventory. HALF! Like, when you get into a show like this, you WANT to sell ALL your stuff, you HOPE you can sell maybe HALF of it, and you become ecstatic when you sell 10% of what you've got. I had already sold almost HALF!

We rushed home and I whipped up a new batch of ornaments, which all sold within the first hour or so of that second day. And my lamps CONTINUED to sell - TWELVE LAMPS! I was absolutely blown away by the sales I made!

But even MORE surprising was the amount of RETURN CUSTOMERS I had! People showing me pictures of their lamps in their homes, people showing pictures of people receiving gifts, people I now know IRL because of my lamps... it was NUTS! And I'm getting a reputation, too - I'm "The Gold Lamp Guy"! People *know* me! That's so cool!

Yep, I was feeling pretty darned awesome about life in general right then... I should have known something was coming...

142 - Catching Up 001: New Computer!

This is a multi-part post that covers the expanse of time between my last post and *now*, which will hopefully explain it all.

First off, I have a NEW COMPUTER, donated to me by parties who will remain unnamed in the spirit of animositness and humbility (two BRAND NEW WORDS that I created just for this post!); good friends who knew I needed something better than my Frankenstein's Monster of cobbled-together bits from various remnants and artifacts from the late 20th and early 21st century.

It's really weird using Windows 10 on a computer that has it ON PURPOSE rather than because Microsoft auto-updated it out of Vista :)

The timing of this gift was just too perfect. I had been struggling for a solid TWO WEEKS trying to resolve overheating issues on the system I had been using - no games, mind you, this was just random overheating from me typing too fast or trying to upload a picture! This was really sad because I *needed* my computer to play some old 70's and 80's cartoons while I made lamps for Oddmall - Most of my greatest creations are the direct result of Laff-A-Lympics, Grape Ape and/or Captain Caveman :)

It's some two weeks later now and I'm STILL in shock over how wonderful this gift is! At a time where i was feeling really down and about to go into another one of my epic Downward Spirals of Depression, my friends saved me by making me feel super-loved and appreciated :)

Thank you so very much, I am forever in your debt :)


Trooper and car #starwars #mask

Waiting for the coffee to kick in, making my list of goals that I need to accomplish before Oddmall on the 19th. I've got SEVEN DAYS till set-up on the night of the 18th! What do i hope to accomplish by then?
  • Make 90 new Christmas ornaments, at an average of about a dozen per day!
  • Do touch-up work on my 12 unsold lamps from previous shows!
  • Make at least 10 new lamps!
  • Find all my Clone Troopers and ship them to a guy for a trade I'm working on!
  • Order new Business Cards or, alternately, get some GOOD cardstock to print cards on!
  • Get/Print a new batch of Business Cards!
  • Get a bunch of little chalk boards and some chalk for lamp prices (learned from the guy in the booth next to me at that little craft show i did on Tuesday)!
  • Figure out the best FREE way to display all these ornaments!
  • Make a "Picture Frame Business Sign" for people to take pictures of my lamps and ornaments with so they have all my contact info right there in the pic!
  • Assemble my Table Display - Christmas table cloth, Power Strip, Extension Cord, Shelves, Records (to help stabilize the lamps), Small tree, Three Chairs... what else?
  • Assemble my Emergency Kit - Two Sharpies, Post-it Notes, masking tape, Super Glue, Multi Tool, Clamp, Lightbulbs, Gum, Deodorant, Phone Charger, Square Credit Card Reader).
  • Change - Fifty dollars in Fives, since all my prices are multiples of five.
  • Packing for ornaments - Lunch Bags and Tissue Paper.

Maybe more, might add later when I need a break. But the coffee is now kicking in, time to get making stuff!


I need time and money to fix a computer so I can watch good cartoons while I make ornaments, but I won't have time or money to fix a computer till after Oddmall, at which time I will no longer need a computer over in this area on which to watch cartoons while making ornaments for Oddmall.

139 - Craft Show Report

Santa's happiest elf #craftshow #lamps #ornaments #tree

My setup for today - tiny table, tiny setup #lamps #ornaments #craftshow

The little Tuesday Craft Show I did yesterday was very nice, and I really couldn't beat the price of a table - FREE! Put on by the same guy who does the Oddmall events, this was aimed at being a "little slice" of Oddmall for the tenants of an Assisted Senior living home, where the median age of residents was around 86 years old.

I sold three of my new ornaments and got to try out some new display options, had a real good time :)

Collapse )
The biggest lesson I learned is that my ornaments are going to be a HUGE seller at Oddmall on the 19th and 20th, but I still need to find a really good way to display them :/ The little tree I used was *good*, but was barely room for the 14 ornaments I brought - and I intend to have about a HUNDRED ornaments by the time Oddmall gets here! So I really have no idea how I'm going to display all those ornaments... bigger tree? Maybe a clothesline set-up... Hmmmm...